What Is The Best Time To Publish A Blog Post?

Knowing when to publish is just as important as what to publish. Publish an incredible piece of content at the wrong time, and you are missing out on a lot of traffic.

That’s why you need a set schedule for publishing your blog post. According to KissMetrics, a good day for publishing posts is Monday for traffic, and Saturday for comments.

A Track Maven study showed that “leisure hours” are far and away the best for engagement. This means after 6pm in most cases. One of the few exceptions would be weekends, where data shows web surfers log onto their favorite internet connected devices much earlier in the day.

  • Saturday is the best post publishing day for engagement and comments.
  • Monday, after 6pm, is when you should publish for maximum traffic.
  • Any weekday after 6pm will improve the level of engagement with your audience.
  • Spend whatever is time needed to create your post the day before you’re going to publish, and schedule an auto-publish for the appropriate time.

You’ve Published Your Post So Now What Do You Do?

If you simply hit publish and do nothing else, you should probably not be in the blogging game at all. Here are 10 tips for after you hit the publish button.

  1. Tweet out the headline only. If your headline is worth its salt, this should create some interest and click-throughs.
  2. Make a video version of your post and uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites. Keep your video under 1 minute, and make it a tantalizing summary that links to your complete blog post.
  3. Take the highlights from your post and compile them into a PDF. Publish that PDF for free on PDF sharing sites.
  4. Add an email to your autoresponder sequence, linking back to your blog post.
  5. Turn your post into an infographic and share on social sites.
  6. Go social. You probably already post your new content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other major social sites. However, there are more than 100 social media sites on the web, so why not share your post with each one of them?
  7. Hit the question and answer sites. Quora, Yahoo Answers and similar sites are full of people asking for solutions to problems. Look for people asking questions similar to the ones you answer in your post, and then link to your new content.
  8. Link from your old posts. Internal links going from your previously published pages and posts to your new post is a free on-site traffic source, and Google has stated it improves your chances for free organic traffic.
  9. Join forums, chat rooms and online communities in your niche. Link back to your new post.
  10. Repeat. Don’t just publish your post on Facebook once and consider yourself done. Less than 10% of your followers see any post you place. This means repetition, on Facebook and other web properties, is probably needed for your post to get the biggest possible audience.

Valda Udley

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