Today: Apple plans EU-US talks on ransomware

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— — Transatlantic seating: European Union officials are ready to work on a swarm of US and UN leaders and technical topics over the next week.

-Please tell me the details: Facebook’s naive reaction to two senior house Democrats on Covid-19’s misinformation topic shows that social media giants can be made in an attempt to attract its Democratic critics. increase.

— Attractive plan: After the Court of Appeals withdraws the FTC’s antitrust proceedings against 1-800 contacts, authorities face a decision on whether to involve the Supreme Court.

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Today: EU Commissioner Comes to the State Side— EU NKVD Ilva Johansson is in this country today to meet with US and UN counterparts. They plan to discuss cybersecurity issues such as ransomware, the exchange of passenger name records, and the online distribution of child sexual abuse material, but some of those plans “need to be changed a bit.” had. For Afghanistan“She told Lawrence Cellulus of Politico Europe.

– schedule: Johansson will have a meal with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas tonight and will meet with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Prime Minister Vladimir Boronkov in New York on Monday.

— Johansson on “Big Tech” It’s no wonder she welcomed it because it’s content of child sexual abuse Apple’s recent announcement about screen devices Because of the previously documented portrayal of abuse — she stopped fully supporting the approach. But she said she was happy to see the company trying “there”, even with further debate and policy adjustments. The EU has a series of moments on how tech companies scan such material earlier this year, despite fears that some European Parliamentarians will die in court in violation of European privacy law. I have agreed to the rules. Johansson has “another opinion,” she said — the rules will hold.

— For ransomware: Johansson also talks with Mayorkas about the progress of the proposed EU-US working group on ransomware. The working group has already begun investigating how cryptocurrencies and money laundering affect the problem. “Ransomware attacks are having an increasingly serious impact on society as a whole, including energy supply, healthcare and food purchasing capabilities,” she said. “We are not really prepared for a way to fight this.”

Apple Speech — Late Thursday, iPhone Maker He said he had reached an agreement to resolve a long-term antitrust proceeding. At that App Store. The settlement requires court approval before it can be finalized, allowing developers to email consumers about cheaper ways to purchase iOS software outside the App Store. Apple also said it would “increase the number of price points” available to App Store developers. This means that software companies may charge prices that don’t end at .99.

— Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) Supporting Apple’s “concessions” However, he said he pledged that further action was needed to advance his open app market law when the Senate was reconvened this fall. “The fox, who keeps the status quo of Henhaus, will remain until there are clear and enforceable rules for Apple and Google to play,” he said.

Facebook to Congress: COVID false alarm that “nothing to share” — Provided by the company 79 word snab NS 3 page letter It will be sent from the person in charge. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) And Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) An exchange that may have caused tensions between Silicon Valley and Hill last month. Anxiety for weeks..

— What we are seeing: Both Shakowski and Eshu have a Gavel of the Energy Commerce Subcommittee and may try to force testimony from social media giant officials if they do not get the desired answer in writing. .. (Remember, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was just a few months ago Testimony before E & C.. )

— Congress may try to summon the company itself to secure an answer. An approach backed by the advocacy group The American Economic Liberties Project is trying to disperse the tech giant. “It’s shameful that Facebook simply rejects basic surveillance, despite the rapid deterioration of the coronavirus pandemic,” lawmakers force an answer “immediately” in this way. Secretary-General Sarah Miller, who insists that it should be, said. (Facebook didn’t immediately comment on the prospect.)

Facebook does not comment on details about the adThe company has already publicly detailed attempts to crack down on false information, such as revenues from users’ involvement in false information, the company told lawmakers.

KHAN’s FTC Faces First SCOTUS Test — Would you like to appeal to the Supreme Court or not? This is a problem facing the FTC and the new chair, Lina Khan. After the Court of Appeals ruled Thursday not to reconsider June’s decision to overturn the authorities’ victory in a new antitrust proceeding involving trademarks and online search advertising. Earlier this month, the FTC requested the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to rehear the antitrust proceedings against online contact lens retailer 1-800 Contact because it is “very important nationwide.”

— The FTC has challenged 1-800 contacts over the trademark settlement. As a result, other online contact lens sellers could not use the brand name “1-800Contacts” in their search ads. The agency claimed that the deal robbed consumers of information about cheaper online options because it reduced the number of ads displayed in search results. The Court of Appeals objected to the FTC ignoring the trademark rights of the lens company.

The Supreme Court is currently the last option for FTC — But given that the current bench is conservatively bent, one of the Democratic majority agencies is using it with caution. FTC Beaten by court in April when the judge ruled 9-0 The agency does not have the authority to force a company that violates the law to repay the consumer.House A bill was passed in July to regain the authority to seek compensation from the FTCHowever, the Senate has not yet considered the bill.

— In the meantime, 1-800 contacts didn’t waste their time taking advantage of that victory. last week, Contact lens retailer sued Warby Parker, An online eyeglass retailer popular with millennials. I’m buying a search ad that uses a brand name.

The tech mess that comes to your TV — More cities are launching next-generation broadcast television. This shift could bring protracted questions about privacy and consumer costs back into the limelight. Proponents say this next-generation television means both better video and audio quality, and a new way to deliver Internet content and emergency alerts. This week alone, new standards were announced in major markets such as Atlanta and Kansas City. These cities are two of the more than 40 cities where technology is already in operation.

— But data privacy concerns are imminent. Congressman and FCC Commissioner Warned This richer media environment can affect the protection of how consumer data is used in advertising. Jessica Rosenwessel, before becoming the FCC’s deputy chief Last year warned about high costs The number of new television devices consumers need to watch these next-generation broadcasts. Expect standards to expand across US cities to revive these debates.

— — Top FCC representatives attended the broadcast at the conference On Thursday, we will discuss a standard technically known as ATSC 3.0. Broadcasters have voluntarily transitioned to standards since they received FCC approval during the Trump administration, and after 2023 they will no longer be obliged to transmit broadcast signals with older standards.

— — “When it comes to new technologies, there is always the question of chicken or the egg.” FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr told meeting attendees what he called a “destructive moment.” “People may not yet see all the benefits.”

But the car itself sees tremendous potential. he Citation example A number of schools using technology to send educational materials more creatively during a pandemic compared development to the 4G and 5G wireless markets, and these new generations will eventually achieve faster data speeds. He claimed to have promoted a variety of spillover effects that far exceeded.

Screen near you: About a quarter of televisions sold in the United States should be able to receive these signals within next year or so, Madeleine Norland, who heads a broadcast group dedicated to the standard, said during the event. ..

Jim Wasilevsky, NTIA’s longtime Deputy Chief and Parliamentary Secretary-General will retire today after spending 34 years at the agency. Jason Goldman It plays these roles in acting ability. … Justin SnowA speechwriter for Amazon Web Services’ Worldwide Public Sector, he joined Adobe as Chief Speechwriter for CEO Shantanu Narayen. … Microsoft employs Amazon Cloud Executive Charlie bell As Vice President By WSJ.. … NS FCC Presentation Another round of funding From that Covid-19 telemedicine program. … Jeff Barras, Directed communications at the Pulitzer Prize Reporting Center and joined the Entertainment Software Association as Director of Communications and Public Relations … Mindset promoted Zack Ostro With senior director Sarah Alexander When Lois Rim Associate. … Kelly Whismer, The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s Broadband Legislative Director has left to work as Chief of Staff for the Secretary-General of the Appalachia Regional Commission.

White House Read: “Several companies attending the White House cybersecurity conference on Wednesday were outraged by the Biden administration’s demand for rapid technology upgrades,” he said. Every POLITICO..

There is no secret here: “A year after the Kenosha riots, after a black citizen Jacob Blake was shot by police, Google handed over data on all nearby phones,” Forbes said. Report..

Meet T-Mobile Hackers: “Noise was one goal,” he said. Tell the WSJ..

Affirmative vote to see everything: Community moderators and Reddit CEOs are discussing the best way to manage incorrect information on your site. Via hill..

Let’s trade: The UK wants a dataflow arrangement with the United States. Via Politico Europe..

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