Senate votes for Khan amid rising antitrust pressure

With the help of Leah Nailen and John Handel Editor’s Note: Morning Tech is a free version of POLITICO Pro Technology’s morning newsletter, delivered to subscribers every morning at 6am. The POLITICOPro platform combines the news you need with the tools you can use to address the biggest story of […]

With the help of Leah Nailen and John Handel

Editor’s Note: Morning Tech is a free version of POLITICO Pro Technology’s morning newsletter, delivered to subscribers every morning at 6am. The POLITICOPro platform combines the news you need with the tools you can use to address the biggest story of the day.Act on the news with POLITICO Pro..

— On the deck: President Joe Biden’s FTC pick, Lina Khan, will head to the Senate floor vote this week a few days after the House begins promoting the most serious antitrust law to date.

— Get caught up in a bonfire: Apple was caught up in the enviable center of the Trump-era Judiciary leak scandal.

— MT only: The American Economic Liberties Project claims that major tech companies are playing the role of government regulators and are beginning to spread throughout the economy.

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Kahn votes — The Senate will vote tonight whether Khan, a favorite of progressive antitrust advocates, will cut off the debate over whether to join the FTC. The vote requires a simple majority vote, and the Senate may accept her nomination for the final vote on Tuesday.

— — important point: How many and which Republican senators will vote for Kahn. Ten Republicans on the Senate Trade Commission voted for a Columbia University professor when the commission considered her nomination. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) Says that he was “extremely impressed” by Khan, a candid Republican and Amazon critic on the technical issue.

But other conservatives like Utah Mike LeighA top Republican member of the Senate Antitrust Commission is opposed to her confirmation. Where 50 Republicans in the Senate will participate in the vote, how many will be in a bill to strengthen antitrust enforcement or undertake major high-tech companies, such as the Democratic Party’s bill in the House of Representatives on Friday. It may indicate if you can participate. (The package has already split Republicans in the lower room, Lear reported on Friday.. It also shows how difficult life in Washington can be for the tech sector.

Apple’s privacy headache — Since then The New York Times Apple has received a lot of unwanted attention as the Justice Department under Donald Trump strives to obtain personal data on lawmakers and parliamentary staff.List of affected parties on Sunday Grow to include Former Trump White House adviser Don McGahn.

February 2018, Apple received a subpoena According to the company, account information related to 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses, and non-disclosure agreements that prevented the company from notifying affected people. The order was extended three times a year. The company notified the affected people last month when the Justice Department did not seek another extension. The company said it provided only metadata and “account subscriber information” (as requested by the subpoena), not content such as emails or photos. (This subpoena is separate from the subpoenas associated with McGarn, but both were issued at about the same time, The Times reports.)

— Let’s clarify: Companies are legally required to comply with subpoenas, and Judiciary ministry officials during the Trump era have been enthusiastic so far. But the latest announcement highlights the pesky position of Apple finding itself as a company that takes pride in its data protection measures, even if the government can force it to hand over some of its data. ..

“We regularly challenge warrants and subpoenas. We have a non-disclosure agreement and our policy is to notify affected customers of government requests as soon as possible, “the company said in a statement. Recently, he added that legal requirements have begun to limit the number of identifiers, such as phone numbers and email addresses, to 25.

— Apple vs. Federal: iPhone makers have built a reputation for not being a pushover when it comes to government data requests. In 2016 and 2020, the FBI sought company assistance in breaking into the iPhone of a suspect involved in a deadly shooting. In both cases, the company said no, arguing that making exceptions would affect the privacy rights of all iPhone users. In 2018 Closed the security loophole The law enforcement agency was using it to break into a locked iPhone.

First in MT: TECH GATEKEEPERS chokes entrepreneurs, says nonprofits — — To Initiatives to start today The American Economic Liberties Project, an antitrust advocacy group called “Market Access,” manages how private companies, especially high-tech companies, act as private regulators and large and small entrepreneurs and businesses reach their customers. Claims to be. Compete with

— — Not just “Big Four”: Delivery platforms such as UberEats and DoorDash can impact the success of restaurants. Entertainment giant Ticketmaster dominates the live music industry. These companies have become “de facto private regulators that set market norms and conditions,” AELP Senior Fellow and Initiative Leader Denise Hahn told Lear.To White paper released today, Hahn and her co-authors investigated how some of the actions by tech giants criticized by legislators have spread to other industries.

Mr Hahn said the initiative aims to raise parliamentary awareness. And a company about this gatekeeping behavior. We also want to let entrepreneurs know what they can do, such as consulting with the FTC and the Department of Justice, and working to change state and federal law.

“We don’t resent anyone for success.” She said. “What we are trying to say is that the market should be operated on fair and legitimate conditions. When companies are abusing their control and their position in the market they are in, it is. It needs to be dealt with. “

First in MT: Group DOZENS press BIDEN to fill the FCC slot — More than 50 advocacy groups and unions, including Demand Progress, Public Citizen, the Communications Workers of America, and the Writers Guild of America, appoint a fifth FCC member to make the Democratic majority. Is warning. At an agency that has been stuck since January 20th.

“Given the legislative calendar With fewer days of hearings and confirmation votes, we have reached a critical point, “they write. In a letter to the White House On Friday, a majority of Democrats argued that it could help the Commission regain broadband surveillance and pursue other progressive priorities.

— The White House talks with potential candidates, John reported last monthIncludes Paruru Desai, a detailed officer of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Many want Biden to perpetuate the role of FCC Chair Jessica Rosenwessel, but others support FCC Chairman Geoffrey Starks and former FCC staff Edward “Smity” Smith. I will. “No one is as qualified as Sen’s Rosen Warsell.” Ben Ray Luhan (DN.M.) I recently told John.

— Parliamentarians are urging the administration to make their point. “I insisted that I should have Latin Americans in the FCC,” Sen said. Bob Menendez (DN.J.) I told John. “I think it’s very important. We haven’t had it since Gloria Tristani.” (She served from 1997 to 2001.) Of Hispanic lawmakers raising this concern. He is not the only one in it. When asked if he was rallying behind Felix Sanchez of the National Hispanic Arts Foundation Some advocatesMenendez replied, “He is a good person.”

Progress Chamber of Commerce hired Koustubh “KJ” BagchiRecently, as Senior Director of Federal Public Policy, at the New America Open Technology Institute. Montana Williams Join the Chamber of Commerce as Director of State and Local Public Policy. Chris Mackenzie Participated as a communication director. … The Department of Commerce is adding senior staff: Liani Balasuriya As the secretariat Jenny Kaplan As a senior adviser to the involvement of private sector actors Caitlin Legacki As a senior advisor to strategic communication.And Scott Malhauser Members of Bully Pulpit Interactive took a temporary vacation to serve as Senior Advisor to Secretary Gina Raimondo. … Lara Maldoon He works on tax issues and participates in the Information Technology Industry Council as a senior director of government issues. She is Sens Alum. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) And Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Former Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) And Treasury. … Brad Williamson, Daniel Leopold And Kylie Frontsack Join the Glen Echo Group as Senior Director, Senior Associate, and Associate, respectively.

The· Information Technology Innovation Foundation Has launched the Schumpeter Project, a competition policy center that promotes innovation, as a central concern for antitrust enforcement. … Heartland Forward Is working with state agencies and community organizations in Arkansas, Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee to raise awareness of the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefits Grant Program.

Give me more: China wants to have more control over the data held by companies, including those headquartered in the United States. WSJ report..

Rocks and hard places: “In a leak investigation, a tech giant is being caught between a court and a customer.” Via NYT..

Relax: “Lexus and Toyota want you to know that you don’t need Apple or Google anymore.” Via Jalopnik..

Editorial Writer: How HR 1The Democratic struggling voting rights bill would have affected Section 230, Via wired..

$ 28 million: That’s the amount one person is paying to go to space with Jeff Bezos, WaPo Report..

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